Saturday, May 31, 2008

supa' baby

Here is a live drawing I did the other day, I have been drawing live caricatures here and there, on and off for about 2 1/2 years.
I started out working with an airbrush when I worked in MN for "MAD" man Tom Richmond.
I now use art stixx (a slightly larger, woodless colored pencil) at my current employer.
It's really tough to say what I like more...I think both can teach you somthing, and both give you the ability to accomplish unique look.
I'm really excited to go back to airbrush and see if I can apply any of the sweet techniques I've learned with the stixx.
I'm am really lucky to work with a very talented artist here in Cali, who is one of the best I've seen with the art stixx, so with my friend Marco's help, I feel I'm getting the concept.

Sorry about the picture, the one of the drawing was with camara, but I took the one of the little girl on a friends cell phone. I didn't really get the same expression in the picture as much as when I was drawing her....darn.

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