Friday, October 21, 2011

Falling for fall

Cool air has started to settle here in FL where I am spending some time doing Caricatures. I Really love a little cool air in my life, I spent a long time in the Caribbean last year and missed any chance of cold weather...I wouldn't even start to say FL is Cold compared to my home state Wisconsin, but I do like the 60's :D

Pushing myself to keep exploring styles and mediums.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

ventures through art

I gotta say, my life is pretty awesome.
drawing and traveling are just about as good as it gets in my mind, especially in the company of a lovely lady.
I recently went on a great cruise to the southern Caribbean with my girlfriend, who works for the cruise line and was so wonderful to take me on an awesome trip.
here are some recent drawings, and photos from the last few days of that adventure.
Airbrush head abstraction study, Coworker/friend Casey, and some naked ladies to sooth the soul.
I am trying to get a good Inception caricature of Leo and Joseph, but this one is still off by a bit, and for some reason I seem to love masochistic self sabotage when it comes to finished pieces, in this one trying some unfamiliar technique with the airbrushing.
There is a interesting aspect in be a artist that is hungry for progression. In order progress/evolve in life at any one task there needs to be the chaos of change. Nature shows that any task can be perfected through repetition, but there certainly comes a point where the brain starts to drift in a state of monotony, and completely loses the amazing efficiency at which humans have the ability to adapt/learn. To clarify, I don't mean if you practice one thing for twenty years you won't progress, but there are plenty of people who do...and they don't. Sooner or later it is just going to become (forgive me for basically making up numbers with a theoretical guess) 60% muscle memory 30% memory recall of previously acquired knowledge, and finally 10% of your creative mind is learning something new from something you have done a million times. I feel like this is part of the great divide in contemporary and modern art, and the view of fine Art. I have always liked to see it as the relationship similar to ballet and free form dance, one reveals the beauty of our species, and the other the beauty of the universe. we create with the known, but the only thing fantastical enough to inspire a species thus brilliant is the contradicting Ying to this Yang

To digress and and bring this juxtaposed to my point, in any discipline there is the known and the unknown, an artist should never confuse which one is the blessing.

There are many more things in my life that I feel deserve a push into the "unknown" which I take quite seriously, but art is one thing always know is worth "failure" in order to evolve.

I don't write with my posts often, never been a professor..just a raconteur inspired by nonsense.