Thursday, January 14, 2010

Illustrator is quite frustrating at first, but with doing this project i have been really learning to have fun with it and enjoy its tools and capabilities.
This is a Character I am developing with my uncle, Mr. Chee-Z.

also here are some Storyboards I worked on this week.
Storyboarding is a process I admire, it may be rough, quick drawings, but depending on the complexity/budget of the film, your mind is really working hard on coming up with interesting, new and cohesive compositions.

This storyboard is about as simple as they come, non the less it was fun yet draining.


Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff dude! Glad to see the adobe software is working good.

Taylor S Smith said...

Nice work with the Illustrator and those thumbnails read really well graphically. Keep it up homie!

lordmarcus said...

I definitely like the vector version of that mouse! great work antwan!