Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ship yard painting.

To those who don't know, I am currently working on a cruise ship in the Bermuda triangle.We hit three ports along the four day cruise, and the nice part about my position is my freedom to get off the ship and explore the ports.
this was in Nassau, BA. As long as you get really far away from the cruise port, you can find some real, genuine character of the culture. My favorite photo-op is an old ship yard, slowly falling into the crystal clear Bohemian waters. Although I would have liked to capture a bit more of the natural bio-degrading port, this is the angle I went for, and I like what came out.
I will try to do some more in the near future.
6x8" and of course on the worst paper ever

The other is just a little sketch inspired by Hogwarts.


Matthew said...

Wow...awesome color work Antwan! That painting looks really rad!

Taylor S Smith said...

Wow, indeed! What a great opportunity to see and sketch the world. Besides that, this painting rocks. It reads really well as thumbnail, too.