Friday, October 21, 2011

Falling for fall

Cool air has started to settle here in FL where I am spending some time doing Caricatures. I Really love a little cool air in my life, I spent a long time in the Caribbean last year and missed any chance of cold weather...I wouldn't even start to say FL is Cold compared to my home state Wisconsin, but I do like the 60's :D

Pushing myself to keep exploring styles and mediums.


Nathan Rosty said...

Dude I like the one with your girlfriend. Pretty damn good. Curious how long did that take ya?n Keep it up bro!

Taylor S Smith said...

Yea, what Nathan said :)

Nice variety of art. That's really admirable to be able to draw/paint/design in different mediums and styles. Speaking of painting, those water sketches of landscapes on your newer posts are awesome!