Saturday, November 5, 2011

hey pizza head!

Good morning blank void to which I blog to once in awhile, I hope your having a great morning!

I ladies and gentleman and especially happy today, for this is my first post on my new computer, and it seems to be working flawlessly.

I was looking to upgrade for the past 3 months but was just waiting for the right deal and the perfect match, and as it turned out I now have a Mac, which I am new to ownership but have played with for years... I do like how it handles adobe programs :D

I got out the old watercolors this week and have be playing with them more and more. I paint a lot with gouache and use it fairly think and opaque, but in the two pieces here I layered and used a lot more water in a more traditional approach.

I like to try and do tiny thumbnails paintings in just a few minutes. there are a few here that I didn't really know what was happening in them till they were half done...the one of the beach was a longer study.

Caricature Trade! one of the best parts about drawing caricatures is pushing exaggeration and trying new mediums on coworkers.. here I was drawn by an awesome artist from Iowa, Kira..later I returned the favor with this watercolor of her.
Also a drawing I did of another coworker.

Figure drawing..wish I did that once a week all the time!! but I did find a group here in Orlando to figure draw with once a week, so getting back to the discipline.. here are my drawing from this week...5min and 20min sketches, was focusing on structure this week.

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Ricardo Vsqz said...

Great stuff dude!! I love it all. I get a very heavy Herman Mejia influence on the Watercolor Caricature:)
Im jealous. I needa get back at skecthin'. Photography has started takin over my life. Props!!